Fitness Center Policy

Fitness Center Policy (updated 9/2023)

  1. All Fitness centers users must follow all Rutgers Recreation general usage policies and the Rutgers Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Attire designed for activity and athletic footwear are required. No bare or socked feet, boots, open toed or dress shoes are allowed.
    • Sneakers provide protection from the impact of weights, especially from dumbbells and plates rolling/being dropped on the floor.
    • Sneakers assist with grip, especially during cardio and high impact workouts. Socks to not provide grip and may cause patrons to slip
    • Training barefoot exposes feet to bacterial and fungal organisms that can lead to infections
  3. Large bags and items, such as back packs and winter coats are not allowed on the fitness floor.
    • Clear pathways must be kept to avoid tripping hazards
    • Lockers and locks are provided at all centers
  4. Collar use is mandatory on all free barbell lifts.
  5. Abuse and/or misuse of equipment is prohibited such as walking backwards on a treadmill or slamming weight stacks. Equipment must be used in the proper manner.
  6. Distracting behavior and loud noises including dropping weights, offensive language yelling, and grunting are not allowed.
  7. Controlled lifting is always expected, including when lowering to the ground such as in a deadlift.
  8. Deadlifting may only be performed in designated areas/platforms.
  9. Olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk and other variations) are not allowed in the main fitness centers. The Power Gym located in the College Ave fitness center provided the proper flooring and plates for Olympic lifts.
  10. All weights should be re-racked, and all items returned to their original location.
  11. Weights must be re-racked between sets. Do not prop plates against benches,
    machines, walls, or mirrors.
  12. Equipment is not to be removed from designated areas without approval.
     is not allowed in pathways. Clear pathways must be always kept
  13. Exercise is not allowed in pathways. Clear pathways must be always kept.
  14. There is a 45-minute time limit for use of all cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and ellipticals and a 30-minute time limit for all other fitness equipment such as squat racks, benches, and platforms, when others are waiting.
  15. To reduce your risk of being exposed to germs, we encourage good hand-washing hygiene, covering all wounds, wiping down equipment before and after use, and bringing your own towel and/or mat.
  16. All fitness center users must be 18 years or older.
  17. Non-Rutgers personal trainers are not allowed to provide paid training sessions in the fitness centers.