Club Sports FAQs

Is there a club for this sport....?
  • Rutgers has 55 Club Sports Organizations!
    • See the entire list HERE
  • If you are interested in a sport not listed above, there are opportunities to apply to become a recognized and supported Club Sport Organization.
Are there tryouts for Club Sports?
  • Each Club Sport Organization is responsible for deciding their try-out/eligibility process.
  • Some organizations have multiple tiered teams (example: Soccer (M), Golf, Figure Skating, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Ski & Board, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee)
How often do Club Sports Organizations meet for practice?
  • All Club Sport Organizations that practice on-campus are guaranteed two practices a week, with some teams practicing 2 or 3 times a week, depending on organization size and competitive levels. 
Where are Club Sport practices?
  • Most Club Sport practices are on-campus at various Rutgers Recreation facilities, including: (here you could link the info pages for each of these locations?)
  • A few Club Sport Organizations practice off-campus, including: 

    BaseballIce Hockey (AAU & ACHA)
    CricketRock Climbing
    EquestrianSki & Board
    Figure SkatingTennis
How many games/competitions does each Club Sports Organization have?
  • Each Club Sport Organization is responsible for organizing and completing their competitive schedules.
    • Some teams compete once a semester, while others compete over ten times per semester!
Where do Club Sport Organizations travel and how often?
  • While each Club Sport Organization is responsible for deciding travel schedule, some CLubs travel more often than others. See below for some examples of Clubs traveling this year!

    Badminton—travelled to Westborough, MA for Spring PlayoffsFigure Skating—travelled to North Carolina for a Spring competition
    Ballroom—travelled to Boston , MA for a competition at MITPerforming Dance—travelled to Towson, MD for a Spring Competition
    Baseball—travelled to Fordham for a seriesSailing—travelled to Honolulu, HI for an invitation regatta
    Lacrosse (M)—travelled to Maryland for a Spring tournamentWater Polo—travelled to Villanova to compete in a bi-weekly College League
    Gymnastics—travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Collegiate NationalsWrestling (M)—travelled to Shreveport, LA for Collegiate Nationals
    Soccer (M)—travelled to Round Rock, TX for Collegiate NationalsSwimming—travelled to Penn State for an invitational meet
How good do I need to be to join a Club Sport?
  • You could be an elite athlete who wants to continue their athletic career in college, but not at the Varsity level. You could be a newcomer with zero experience! All experience levels and interests are welcome!
    • Eligibility is restricted to full-time, enrolled students at the Rutgers—New Brunswick Campus.
What does it cost to participate in Club Sports?
  • All Club Sports Organizations are required to charge dues of at least $15 per member, per semester
  • Each Club Sport Organization is responsible for determining and charging dues based on their specific expenses each semester/academic year.
How are Club Sports funded?
  • Club Sports are funded through an allocation from Student Affairs. A portion of all student’s “student fees” are used to fund the Club Sports Program.
  • All Club Sport Organizations are also expected to fundraise to support their Club’s activities. 
Do Club Sports Organizations have coaches?
  • Some Club Sports Organizations have volunteer or paid coaches, while others do not. This varies by Club.
  • Clubs determined to be “high-risk” are required to have qualified coaches or instructors. 
Who leads each Club Sport Organization?
  • All Club Sport Organizations are student-led and are required to have a President, Vice President, and Treasurer.
  • Some clubs choose to have additional officers, such as Social Media Chairs,
    Fundraising Chairs, or Event Coordinators. 
Who can I contact to join a Club Sports Organization?
  • Any questions about Club Sports can be directed to the contacts below:
  • The Club Sports Office is located at the College Ave Gym.
  • See our list of Clubs and Club Presidents HERE.