Outdoor Recreation Accommodations & Inclusion

Wheelchair Accessible Hiking Trips

There are nearly 50 hikes in NJ that are characterized as being wheelchair accessible. You can check our trip listings to see which accessible hikes we will be doing each semester.

Here is a good one to watch for:

forest trailSussex Branch Trail

Length: 18 miles
Surface: Ballast, Cinder, Dirt, Grass, Gravel

The Sussex Branch Trail got its start in the late 1840s as the narrow-gauge, mule-drawn Sussex Mine Railroad, whose primary purpose was hauling iron ore from the mines in Andover to Waterloo Village on the Morris Canal. The railroad was eventually upgraded and expanded before being merged into the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad in the mid-1940s. Though the railroad was out of service several decades later, the state of New Jersey—which owns much of the area parkland—preserved the right-of-way for trail use.

rock climbingRock Climbing

Climbing is a versatile sport that provides many opportunities for individuals of all ability levels. Amputees can learn to use their prosthetics in a way to help propel them up the rock face while having fun developing fitness and coordination. We have supplemental chest harnesses that we use to accommodate for some fit and balance challenges. This is one of many sports that may not require the use of any adaptive equipment at all.

Kayaking Accessibility

Our program coordinator is an American Canoe Association certified Adaptive Paddling Instructor. Additionally, we have an extensive array of boats that are designed to meet the specific needs of many body types. The models range from those for smaller framed paddlers to larger framed paddlers up to 350 lbs.