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By accessing, using, or viewing this workout you are agreeing to Rutgers Recreation’s Terms of Use and Liability Waiver. To make virtual fitness classes as freely accessible as possible to our members, and any other participants, we will be using this statement as a warning and assumption of risk. Participation in virtual group fitness classes offered by Rutgers Recreation is voluntary and at your own risk.  In participating in virtual fitness classes I am acknowledging that I am physically able to participate and I am not aware of any condition that would limit my participation.  Participants are encouraged to stop if they experience pain or injury and should seek appropriate medical advice or care as needed. 

Rutgers recreation strongly recommends that you:

  • Find a space that is suitable for activity and free of hazards
  • Take breaks when needed and drink plenty of water
  • Go at your own pace and use modifications when needed
  • Stop exercising if you feel lightheaded or dizzy
  • Have an annual physical examination and follow the advice of your health care provider before participating.

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Stretch at your Desk

Strength at your Desk

30 Minute Butt and Gut

30 Minute Hatha Yoga Class

30 Minutes Pilates

15 Minute Meditation

30 Minute Flow-Yoga Class

30 Minute Pilates

RUFit Stacked

RUFIT Virtual 2 Cardio

RUFit 3 Virtual Tabata

30 Minute Core Yoga Class

30 Minute Flow Yoga Class

RU Strength

6 Minute Abs

Strength Workout #1

Strength Workout #2

Strength Workout #3

Strength Workout #4

Strength Workout #5

Strength Workout #6

RU Fit 4: Rounds

RU Fit 5

RU Fit 6

30 RU Strength