Adventure Recreation

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GO Outdoors is a subdivision of the Rutgers Recreation Department. We bring students outside through a multitude of trips and courses while teaching survival skills for the adventurous outdoors person. The Adventure Recreation program offers a wide variety of engagements, from on-campus pool sessions to outdoor rock climbing day trips and multi-day expeditions. Some of our favorite places are:

  • Kayaking off the coast of Maryland
  • Rock climbing in eastern Pennsylvania
  • Backpacking in the Adirondacks
  • Hiking in the Delaware Water Gap.

Sign up for individual classes and learn how to belay, start a fire, cook in the backcountry, and gain other essential outdoor skills on expeditions and through classes held at Rutgers. GO promotes environmental responsibility on all of our trips by following the tenets of good stewardship. Facilitators teach students how to backpack, camp, paddle, and hike while leaving the wilderness intact for future visitors. Our trips allow for a personal connection to nature while meeting peers with similar outdoor interests.

Rockwall – First Visit

Before visiting the Rockwall, please read these instructions and sign the annual waiver form.

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