Flag Football: Rutgers Intramural Sports – Fall 2023

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The Keller flag football season saw the top teams separate themselves pretty quickly within their division. Sigma Chi was dominant all season while Zeta Psi was no slouch.  Both teams dominated the playoffs to reach the matchup at SHI Stadium.


#1 Sigma Chi – 8

#3 Zeta Psi – 6

The first game of the night provided a great atmosphere as each fraternity showed out to support their teams on the field.  Sigma Chi was able to score first and convert their 2 point play, which would be huge later.  The late drama came all the way down to the end of the game with Zeta Psi driving to get the potential tying/winning score.  After a couple of shots to the end zone that fell incomplete, on a 3rd and goal Zeta Psi was finally able to break through for a 10 yard touchdown pass to the far corner of the endzone but were turned away on their conversion attempt.  Zeta Psi was able to force a turnover but were unable to move the ball downfield and Sigma Chi earned the championship victory.

The RUIM Student Officials that were selected to work the Fraternity Championship:

  • Neftali Rodriguez – Junior
  • Noa Cornec Clesca – Sophomore
  • Ryan Polanco – Senior
  • Tyler Shaughnessy – Senior


The Busch B division was easily the most entertaining through the season and the playoffs.  The 12-team bracket saw upsets straight from the 1st round and saw two teams that played their best flag football in the postseason.



#3 JOVE – 20

Just like the regular season, the championship game was the most entertaining of the night.  If you like points, this was the game for you.  Both the Golden Hogs and Jove traded blow after blow with big touchdown plays.  This game came down to a few plays and the Golden Hogs were able to make those plays and pull away in the end to secure the championship and cement themselves as the Cinderella of the season as the 8-seed champion.  In the post-game interview, the team gave credit to their team MVP Nick Franco as the major reason for the championship.

The RUIM Student Officials selected to work the B Division Championship:

  • Luke Monsorno – Junior
  • Daksh Kohli – Senior
  • Evan Burns – Sophomore
  • Jake Yombor – Sophmore


The A division of flag football on the Busch Campus sees some of the best flag football being played.  Getting a win in this division is something to be celebrated and the playoffs can be a grind.  This is evident by the two teams that made the finals this year.  both B2B and 49 were double digit seeds entering the playoffs, in fact, they were the last two teams to make the postseason cut.  B2B as their name suggests was looking for the repeat while 49 looked to dethrone the champions.


#11 B2B – 21

#12 49 – 0

The score doesn’t indicate how close this game was for the majority of the game.  As in the first game, offense was hard to come by at first.  Part of this is the “SHI factor” of playing on the football field, but the other part was just solid defense by both sides.  In the end, B2B made fewer mistakes and were able to capitalize on the mistakes made by 49.  Led by team captain and QB & game MVP Lorenzo “Zo” Chirichella, the offense was able to make the plays needed in the 2nd half to secure the victory and the back-to-back flag football championship!

The RUIM Student Officials Selected to work the Busch A Division Championship:

  • Luke Monsorno – Junior
  • Harsh Prajapati – Grad Student
  • Noa Cornec Clesca – Sophomore


These leagues and events do not happen without the hard-work and dedication of the student employees that run the intramural sports program for the Rutgers community.  From officiating games, scheduling games, preparing fields, & many other jobs that go unseen, without them we can’t have memorable nights like these.

We also want to send a huge thank you to Rutgers Athletics for allowing us to use SHI Stadium each year to play our championship games at the Birthplace of College Football!

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– Rutgers Intramural Sports