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Rutgers Recreation offers personal training services to assist you with your fitness goals. Whether one-on-one or in small group, our professional trainers will work with you at a time or location that best fits your schedule. All Rutgers personal trainers hold nationally accredited personal training certifications and complete an extensive training process. All personal training services are offered for paid members/students and complimentary members. Sign up through the links provided below.



  1. All new clients must begin with a start-up package (2 sessions) which includes an initial fitness assessment and a personal training session.
  2. Immediately following the purchase of your start-up package, you will receive an emailed receipt with an online health form which needs to be completed at your earliest convenience.
  3. After this form is submitted, you will receive an email from the PT Coordinator with your assigned personal trainer. This trainer is chosen based on your individual preferences and availability.
  4. Once the Start-Up sessions are completed, clients may purchase continuing personal training sessions.


(2) 1-hour sessions. All new clients need to start by purchasing a Start Up Package.

  • In Person Start Up:
    • 2-60 minute in-person sessions with your personal trainer.
      • First session: An assessment/consultation consisting of health screening (resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, circumference measurements), Body Composition analysis with the premier InBody Testing, fitness assessments, and goal-oriented coaching. All initial sessions are conducted at College Ave Gym and Werblin Rec Center.
      • Second Session: Your trainer will then use the information obtained at your assessment and your fitness goals to design a personalized exercise program for your specific needs and fitness level. The second session is an in-person workout with your personal trainer at the location of your choice.


In-person personal training is your traditional personal training package. Meet your personal trainer at any of our recreation fitness facilities during a time that best fits your schedule. Clients may purchase continuing session packages with the choice of 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.


(Effective July 1, 2023)



Paid Memberships



In-Person Start Up $70.00 $100.00


Once any of the above start up packages are completed, clients may purchase any of the below continuing session options.


60-minute sessions


Paid Memberships



Package (# of sessions) 1 5 10 1 5 10
In-Person $45.00 $200.00 $350.00 $60.00 $275.00 $500.00


30-minute sessions


Paid Memberships



Package (# of sessions) 1 5 10 1 5 10
In-Person $35.00 $150.00 $250.00 $45.00 $200.00 $350.00

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Any questions can be directed to or call Braily Bernaber at 848-445-0461


Jason Levin


Trainer Name: Jason Levin
Major: Political Science
Certification: NASM-CPT
Achievements/Fun Facts: Throughout my life I have participated in gymnastics, ice skating, kung fu, track and field, and football.
Training Philosophy: I believe in positive encouragement and in consistent effort over the course of weeks going into months. Patience and perseverance are key as nothing good ever comes easy. One must stick with the program and there will always be positive results.
My reason for being a PT: I enjoy the gym and in many ways it is my happy place. I wish to teach others how to reap the benefits of a healthy body and mind through personal training.
Specialties: Strength Training

Mouktika Nelabhotla


Trainer Name: Mouktika Nelabhotla 
Major: Human Resources 
Certification: ACE – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I was one of the first female wrestlers in my high school and now I wrestle recreationally at Rutgers. 
Training Philosophy: Exercise has many different forms; I will help my client find what works best for them. My client’s needs are my priority, and I will make sure that they are seen and respected. 
My reason for being a PT: I love to work out and I love to coach so personal training seemed like the perfect job for me. 
Specialties: Functional Training, Combat Sports 

Annabel Kim


Trainer Name: Annabel Kim 
Major: Exercise Science 
Certification: NASM-CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I have been lifting for the past 3 years. I was a competitive pairs figure skater and competed at national levels. 
Training Philosophy: ‘KISS’: Keep It Simple Stupid, sticking to the basics and performing correct form is essential. Finding what form of exercise, YOU genuinely enjoy doing for YOUR body. Motivation is useless if discipline does not exist. 
My reason for being a PT: Three years ago, I started lifting. Those three years changed my entire life. When I was 18, I decided to take it one step further, pushing myself to study and get my personal training certification. I saw the ways fitness changed my life in times of isolation and feeling lost in life. So, I want to be the figure I wish I had when I started my own fitness journey. Seeing how much this journey has changed my life, personal training is such a rewarding experience and a passion I hope to share with everyone I train. 
Specialties: Strength Training 

Ayman Rahman


Trainer Name: Ayman Rahman 
Major: BAIT & Economics 
Certification: ACTION – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: My most significant achievement is probably the overall progress I’ve made throughout my lifting journey. When I started lifting, I was extremely underweight and almost incapable of deadlifting an empty barbell. Over the years, I gained over 30lb and have accomplished several notable feats such as a triple bodyweight deadlift. 
Training Philosophy: I believe that structure and goals are very important. Too many people start going to the gym with no real objective and lose motivation when they don’t see progress. It helps tremendously to work towards goals and set new ones throughout one’s journey. 
My reason for being a PT: I love helping others achieve their goals and lead healthier lives. 
Specialties: Strength Training, Bodybuilding 

Benjamin Platoff


Trainer Name: Benjamin Platoff 
Major: B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I’m currently completing degrees in computer science and mechanical engineering to become a robotics engineer upon graduation. This past summer, I worked on some of the most advanced robots in the world at ASML. 
Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is that consistency is vital to achieving the best results. I believe that by finding what motivates a person to stay consistent, a personal trainer can help their clients succeed in ways they didn’t think possible. 
My reason for being a PT: When I was a kid up until high school, I was overweight and struggled because of it. In my senior year of high school and freshman year of college, I lost over 45lbs, going from my highest weight of 182lbs to my lowest at 135lbs. That change has enormously impacted on my quality of life and brought me an intense passion for the gym. I see personal training to share that passion with my clients as I help them achieve the same benefits I have found through fitness. 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Management, Strength Training 

Brianna Reardon


Trainer Name: Brianna Reardon 
Major: Marketing 
Certification: NASM-CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I recently received my ZUMBA instructor license and plan to start group classes soon! 
Training Philosophy: My personal training philosophy revolves around creating workouts that not only challenge the body but also fulfill the spirit. I believe in empowering individuals to find joy and satisfaction in their fitness journey, ensuring that each session leaves them feeling both physically and emotionally uplifted. 
My reason for being a PT: I went into personal training because there is nothing more fulfilling than using something I love to do to help others meet their goals. 
Specialties: Functional Training 

Brooke Tenet


Trainer Name: Brooke Tenet 
Major: Cognitive Neuroscience & Psychology 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I’ve lived in 7 different places across the U.S.! 
Training Philosophy: Consistency builds progress over time, no matter how small the step. So do something each day even if it is not your best work! 
My reason for being a PT: It is very rewarding to help individuals attain noticeable and lasting results, whether that be mentally or physically! 
Specialties: Strength training, Weight Loss

Charles Lin


Trainer Name: Charles Lin 
Major: Computer Science 
Certification: NASM-CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Qualified for Speedo Sectionals in Swimming, ranking top 10 in New Jersey at age 18 and within the top 50 for nearly a decade straight. 
Training Philosophy: I believe that clients can only truly thrive and succeed without loss of motivation or injury when a trainer/coach desires the same for his or her client. Therefore, I will reference and keep up to date with the latest research in Sport Psychology and Kinesiology. 
My reason for being a PT: I want to share my knowledge with those who also want to accomplish something greater than themselves, whether it be weight-loss or achieving greatness in a sport. 
Specialties: Sports Performance, Strength Training, Programming, Functional Training

Chloe Timberg


Trainer Name: Chloe Timberg 
Major: Exercise Science 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Rutgers school record holder in the pole vault and 3x Big Ten Pole Vault Champion/Record Holder 
Training Philosophy: I believe that fitness is a flexible concept and can manifest in many different ways. Fitness can look very different for each person because everyone has their own unique set of needs/goals. The key to a successful journey is to find how fitness can fit into your life instead of trying to force it to fit a rigid model. 
My reason for being a PT: I went into personal training because I would like to share with others the positive experiences, I have gained from my own fitness journey. After struggling with an eating disorder for years, fitness and the community that came with it helped pull me to a better place physically/mentally. Sports and staying active has provided me with so many positive experiences and I would like to help others have these same experiences regardless of age, goals, experience level, etc. 
Specialties: Sport performance, functional training, strength training

Fatmah Almoumen


Trainer Name: Fatmah Almoumen
Major: Nutrional Science
Certification: ISSA – CPT
Achievements/Fun Facts: When I was in high school, I used to find any excuse not to work out, fast forward to today; I find any excuse just to be able to work out. I am extremely proud of how far my relationship with my body, food, and exercise has come. It is not the easiest route I have ever taken, but the most rewarding and I cannot wait for you to take the step to do the same!
Training Philosophy: I believe that exercise is for all and that you don’t need to torture yourself in the gym 7x days a week with random intense workouts to be able to feel and see the effects of movement within your body. I am also a firm believer that everybody’s body is different which is why everyone is going to train differently based on THEIR bodies and goals because when it comes to training there is no one-size-fits-all.
My reason for being a PT: Helping others and exercising are two things that I truly cannot imagine my life without, which is why I decided to take the leap and turn it into reality!
Specialties: Functional Training, Weight Loss, Strength Training

Gordon Chu

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 5.14.42 PM

Trainer Name: Gordon Chu 
Major: Business 
Certification: NASM- CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Recipient of the Congressional Award – the highest honor awarded to young Americans for initiative, service, and achievement 
Training Philosophy: Training is a unique experience in which individuals can learn more about themselves. Furthermore, training serves as an opportunity to improve the general wellbeing of participants. 
My reason for being a PT: I pursued personal training because I desire to make positive changes in the lives of others. From first-hand experience, I saw the immediate positive effect training had on my life and made it my mission to share this with others. Personal training allows me to utilize my experience and expertise in hopes of improving the lives of others. 
Specialties: Weight Management, Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Functional Training

Jamie Gumann


Trainer Name: Jamie Gumann 
Major: B.S. Exercise Science 
Certification: NASM – CPT  
Achievements/Fun Facts: I am also a youth competitive gymnastics coach, and head coach of Rutgers University Club Gymnastics team. I have coached many state, regional and national champions on both teams! 
Training Philosophy: My philosophy and goal are to have my clients to feel seen, heard and supported in their exercise journey. I want them to feel confident and celebrate their accomplishments in an open and fun environment! 
My reason for being a PT: To aid people in living a healthy, active lifestyle, and to push myself professionally. 
Specialties: Sport Performance, Strength Training, Functional Training 

Jonathan Yanovsky


Trainer Name: Jonathan Yanovsky 
Major: Exercise Science 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I’ve been interested in the field of exercise science and in helping my friends and family achieve their goals since I got into fitness and wellness during high school. 
Training Philosophy: Consistency and dedication will help us achieve our goals. You can achieve more than you can imagine in a year with motivation and drive. 
My reason for being a PT: I feel like I have a natural tendency to try to help people in the gym already, so I figured I might as well. 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Management 

Jonathan Bourque


Trainer Name: Jonathan Bourque 
Major: Kinesiology & Applied Physiology 
Certification: ACE – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I am working to achieve my PhD here at Rutgers and used to play baseball. 
Training Philosophy: I want to help you achieve you not only achieve your goals but give you tools to easily maintain them. 
My reason for being a PT: I loved working out and wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals. 
Specialties: Strength Training, Weight Management 

Nick Sheridan


Trainer Name: Nick Sheridan 
Major: Finance 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I completed the 4x4x48 challenge. 
Training Philosophy: I want to help people achieve their fitness goals through education about exercise and helping them push past their perceived limits. 
My reason for being a PT: I really fell back in love with training (bodybuilding) a little over 2 years ago, and that’s when I really became serious about lifting and my diet. I realized there’s a lot of pitfalls beginners can fall into, and I really enjoyed the discipline and other intangibles that come with training. I wanted to help people with their fitness goals and show the benefits that come with consistency and effort. 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Weight/Fat Loss 

Nico Cosereanu


Trainer Name: Nico Cosereanu 
Major: Industrial Engineering 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: We won the state cup for high school soccer! 
Training Philosophy: Treat fitness the same way you brush your teeth. You don’t ask yourself why you brush your teeth, you just do it. Physical fitness should become a hygienic routine to keep you happy and healthy! 
My reason for being a PT: I was overweight and found fitness as the answer, so now I want to help people do the same! 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Agility Training 

Nico Morales


Trainer Name: Nico Morales
Major: Criminal Justice & Political Science
Certification: NASM – CPT
Achievements/Fun Facts: I am a pole Vaulter on the Rutgers Track and Field Team.
Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is to meet people where they are and to be open to the fact that clients vary with their fitness needs and their starting points. Some facets of fitness and training are not cookie-cutter and require client-specific learning and adjustments. This forces me to continually grow my knowledge in the field and it also helps each client excel to reach their goals.
My reason for being a PT: My love for fitness and working out.
Specialties: Strength Training, Sport Performance


PJ Carr


Trainer Name: PJ Carr 
Major: Biochemistry 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I was a 3-sport athlete in high school. I ran cross country, track, and played basketball. 
Training Philosophy: Progress over perfection. 
My reason for being a PT: I got into personal training because I was able to help my mom on her weight loss journey. I realized how rewarding the process was and wanted to devote as much time to it as possible. 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Management 

Sam Williams


Trainer Name: Sam Williams 
Major: Finance/Accounting 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Played four sports throughout high school: Football (South Jersey Scholar Athlete Award), Wrestling (State Tournament Qualifier), Golf, and Baseball. 
Training Philosophy: My training philosophy revolves around effort, discipline, and fun. I put 100% effort into all my workouts and training sessions, integrate discipline throughout my training and life, and, most importantly, enjoy every activity. My clients will use this philosophy in their workouts and eventually become their best selves. 
My reason for being a PT: My experience of sports sparked my passion for weightlifting, which led me to become certified and learn that I love helping others become their best selves. 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Sport Performance, Strength Training, Weight Management 


Sophie McNeal


Trainer Name: Sophie McNeal 
Major: Music Performance & Economics 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I recently recorded drum set on my friend’s album and am training for an 18.6-mile race with a 25lb pack. 
Training Philosophy: I try to tailor each plan to a client’s goals, abilities, and likes. Together, we create a plan that is both fun and do-able that will get them to their goals! 
My reason for being a PT: I love exercise and getting to know new people 🙂 
Specialties: Strength Training, HIIT 

Stephen Lopez


Trainer Name: Stephen Lopez  
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Proud Member of the 1000 lb. club. 
Training Philosophy: I believe that to really invest in yourself you need to have a shift in lifestyle towards being healthier. I try to instill that the training we do is a large part of fitness but just a piece of a larger puzzle when it comes to a fully healthy body. 
My reason for being a PT: Personal training combines two of my favorite things, fitness and helping people. It is incredibly rewarding to celebrate with people after working together and seeing results. 
Specialties: Strength Training, Powerlifting 


Tikvah Shapiro


Trainer Name: Tikvah Shapiro 
Major: Exercise Science 
Certification: ACE – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I have been training people for 4 years. I have lots of experience with people from ages 12-88 and with various health/fitness backgrounds. I also work in a physical therapist’s office where we mainly work on postural correction and joint health. 
Training Philosophy: Find movement you enjoy! Heal your relationship with your body, food, and exercise. Ditch your diet and reclaim your life! 
My reason for being a PT: To bridge the gap in the gym community as a body positive/neutral personal trainer. Focusing on overall health! 
Specialties: Power Lifting, Functional Training, Strength Training, Overall Health and Wellness coaching, Balance and Coordination Training, Yoga, Circuit Training 

Youssef Ibrahim


Trainer Name: Youssef Ibrahim 
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Exercise Science 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: I am a national qualifying bodybuilder in the classic physique category and placed second in my first ever bodybuilding show. 
Training Philosophy: I care about two things more than anything, first that my clients feel comfortable working out on their own and in our training sessions. The second is that my clients get the results they want and the results that they came to me for. How well a trainer can help their clients with both of those defines how good of a trainer they are. 
My reason for being a PT: I love seeing people make progress and reach their goals! I especially love being part of people’s journey and helping them on the long road of self-improvement! 
Specialties: Bodybuilding, Weight Management, Strength Training 


Lucas Wen


Trainer Name: Lucas Wen 
Major: Computer Science 
Certification: NASM – CPT 
Achievements/Fun Facts: Running Related- Achieved Personal Bests of 4:26 in the 1600m and 1:59 in the 800m. Placing 6th and 7th at the New Jersey Meet of Champions (State Championship). Powerlifting/ Strength Related – Personal Records in Powerlifting at 135 lb. Bodyweight: Squat 385 lbs., Bench 230 lbs., Deadlift 455 lbs. Calisthenics Related- 9x weighted pull-ups at +90 lbs., 16 strict form muscle-ups, 3x weighted dips at +135 lbs. 
Training Philosophy: The benefits of maintaining physical health spill over into every sector of one’s personal life; Serving a large role in improving sleep quality, mood, etc. My philosophy is that the goal of daily training should not only be for the purposes of looking better or being stronger, instead, it should be a byproduct of improving your quality of life. 
My reason for being a PT: I personally struggled as a beginner to extrapolate what was and what wasn’t “correct” fitness advice. My goal as a trainer is to corroborate the influx of fitness information online and deliver it to my clients in a condensed and understandable manner, in order expedite their journey towards their fitness goals. 
Specialties: Mid Distance-Long Distance Endurance Running, Powerlifting, Calisthenics. 

Small Group Training

The small group training program offers varied classes led by our nationally certified personal trainers designed to accelerate your fitness levels and help you reach your individual goals in a semi-private, motivating setting. Rutgers affiliates who are seeking measurable, cost-effective results will benefit from these classes. Classes are kept small (up to 8 participants) to address special needs and accommodate different goals.

  • Sessions take place at the WRC/RU FIT Studio or College Ave Gym Dance Studio
  • All sessions are 60 minutes in length
  • Each session includes one metabolic and body composition assessment (In Body)
  • Classes meet 1X per week
  • Participants can sign up for 2 sessions per week for faster results
  • Sessions are 6-weeks in length
  • Students: $35/1 session per week, $70/2 sessions per week
  • Complimentary Members: $45/1 session per week, $90/2 sessions per week


Small Group Training for Women

Weight training is vitally important for women to enhance muscle, boost metabolism, maintain a functional lifestyle, and see a positive change in body composition. With guidance from a female personal trainer, female students will work out together and target multiple muscle groups while using a variety of fitness equipment. Challenge your body while enjoying the community of other like-minded women.

  • Session 1: 9/18-10/27 & Session 2: 10/30-12/15
  • Mondays, 6-7 pm, WRC RU FIT Studio
  • Wednesdays 6-7 pm, WRC RU FIT Studio


Small Group Training for Faculty/Staff

Weight training is crucial to help maintain muscle mass and help control body composition. This progressive program focuses on functional movements that are necessary to help maintain an active lifestyle. Our personal trainer will guide you through a total body workout to increase stamina, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Participants will learn to use a variety of fitness equipment. Enjoy working out with other Faculty/Staff members in a private, comfortable setting.

  • Session 1: 9/18-10/27 & Session 2: 10/30-12/15
  • Tuesdays, 7:15am-8:15am, WRC RU FIT Studio
  • Tuesdays, 12:15pm-1:15pm, CAG, Dance Studio
  • Thursdays, 7:15am-8:15am, WRC RU FIT Room
  • Fridays, 12:15pm-1:15pm, CAG, Dance Studio


Small Group Training Big Chill 5K Prep

Do you want to run the Big Chill 5K on December 9th? This class will help prepare runners/walkers of all levels to successfully complete a 5K. All runners will be provided with a training plan which will help beginners complete the 5K and more advanced runners improve their time. Each session will include an outside run/walk of varied distances and strength/flexibility training which will be completed in the Dance Studio at the College Ave Gym. Classes will be coached by a certified runner coach and personal trainer. Class size: Limited to 25 participants.

  • Session 1: 10/26- 12/7
  • Thursdays, 4:30 pm-5:30 pm, CAG, Meet in the Dance Studio


Knowing your metabolism and determining your body composition is essential to understanding your health and weight which will help in achieving your fitness goals. Traditional methods of assessing health do not always give enough information. Going beyond your bathroom scale thru the InBody assessment will give you valuable information including: fat, lean body mass, body water and resting metabolic rate. InBody measures your body composition and displays it on an organized, easy-to-understand Result Sheet with a   guide to helping achieve your goals through the understanding of how many calories your body needs daily. Knowing what your body needs is the key to weight management and leading a healthier lifestyle.

(1) 45-minute session consisting of a comprehensive INBODY® assessment, consultation and nutritional guidance.




Paid Memberships



Price per Session $35 $40
Sign up for InBody here