Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

  • Massage therapy can help aid with reducing stress and anxiety while improving immune system function and circulation. 
  • Our wellness rooms are peacefully designed and include air infused aromatherapy to enhance the session. 
  • We know that one massage does not fit all.  With your input, our therapists will create a personalized massage session that addresses your specific needs. 
  • Massage appointments are available at the Werblin Rec Center (All year long) and C/D Rec Center(Fall and Spring Semester only). 
  • Appointments are available in 45-minute time frames.
  • For 90-minute appointments, book 2 appointments back to back.
  • Appointments will be scheduled online and must be paid in advance in order to secure the appointment.
  • Appointments are only available for the Rutgers Community.
  • Transferring to another appointment date may be allowed for medical issues/emergencies with a day notification. Contact with any requests.
  • If you have any specific allergies, contact prior to scheduling your appointment to ensure that products do not contact ingredients that may affect you.


Students: $40

Complimentary Members $50

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Massage Therapy Protocols 

We would like to ensure that our clients and our therapists are in a safe environment. The following protocols will be in place to protect you and provide a safe space.

  • Massages will only be given to pre-scheduled appointments. No walk-ins will be available.
  • Appointments will be spaced to allow adequate time for cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces in between appointments and to minimize person-to-person contact.
  • Sanitizing and disinfectant materials will be available to both staff and clients to use on hands and on all surfaces in the massage room.
  • All sheets, blankets and towels will be cleaned and laundered between every use.
  • Each massage room is equipped with an Odorox Machine that destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and viruses found in the air and on surfaces

Wellness on the Go Services

  • Licensed Massage Therapists will conduct chair massages at your campus location. All programs are for the Rutgers Community only and take place on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus.
  • All supplies needed for the Chair Massages will be included for the event. This includes massage chairs and disinfectant supplies.
  • Chair Massages can last between 5-10 minutes depending on the number of participants and massage therapists.
  • All programs are for the Rutgers Community only and must take place on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus. 
  • Chair massage will cost $80 per massage therapist per hour. 
  • For further information go to or contact
  • Request a Chair Massage Event here.

Locations are by appointment only

Werblin Rec Center | 656 Bartholomew Rd  | Piscataway, NJ 08854 (Open Fall, Spring, and Summer).

Information Desk: 848-445-0460

Massage Therapy: 45 minute appointments

Cook/Douglass Rec Center |  50 Biel Rd   |  New Brunswick, NJ 08901 (Open Fall and Spring. No summer hours available).

Information Desk: 848-932-8600

Massage Therapy: 45 minute appointments​


Schedules may vary throughout the year. Click “BOOK APPOINTMENT” button for available appointments at all locations.   
Payment must be made at the time the appointment is scheduled to secure your reservation.  Payments are made online. 

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Medical History

A Personal Information and Medical History must be completed at your first appointment with us. Please download, print, complete this form and bring to your appointment.  We also require this form be completed once per year starting in September.  Personal Information and Medical History forms will be available at the massage appointment location but may take a few minutes to fill out so it is highly recommended to complete this before your appointment and bring with you.

Download Medical History

Meet Our Message Therapists


Teri Meade

Teri Meade

NJ Licensed Massage Therapy, American Institute of Alternative Medicine, NJ Licensed Cosmetologist, Neuromuscular Certification, Reiki Certification

Teri is a skilled professional dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals through the therapeutic art of massage. With two decades of experience working with Rutgers Recreation, Teri has become a trusted and integral part of the wellness community. Her role extends beyond traditional massage sessions, as she has actively contributed to the development and coordination of the Wellness On The Go program. In her capacity as a massage therapist, Teri possesses an understanding of diverse massage techniques, leveraging her expertise to cater to the unique needs of her clients. From Swedish massages to sports and trigger point therapies, Teri employs a wide range of modalities tailored to each individual's preferences and physical condition. Additionally, her goal is to promote physical relaxation, stress relief and improved range of motion for her clients. Her massages go beyond muscle manipulation; they aim to restore balance and harmony to both the body and mind. Through her work, she has not only contributed significantly to the Rutgers Recreation community but has also positively impacted the lives of countless individuals seeking the therapeutic benefits of massage.

“I am passionate about introducing students to massage therapy because of all the wellness benefits it can provide. Clients leave their sessions feeling relaxed with reduced muscle tension. I share my knowledge on breathing and stretching techniques during the session so that clients can continue to benefit after the session is over.  It is so rewarding for me to be involved with Rutgers Recreation knowing that I can  help support the well-being of our community."



Frank Gioli

Frank Gioeli

St John’s University, BS Business management, NJ Licensed Massage Therapist Therapeutic Massage and Training Center, Cupping Certification 

Frank is a dedicated massage therapist whose passion for healing and commitment to therapeutic relief sets him apart from other therapists. With a background in sports, he specializes in addressing the specific needs of athletes, focusing on performance enhancement and efficient recovery. His approach encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including pain and stress relief, as well as client-focused therapeutic sessions. With a diverse skill set, Frank excels in deep tissue massages, offering effective solutions for issues like low back pain, neck discomfort, shoulder and rotator cuff problems, knee pain, shin splints, piriformis syndrome, and PSOAS Major. Because of his extensive knowledge and his passion for promoting well-being, he will address the root causes of your discomfort while providing therapeutic relief for your body, mind, and soul.

“I love what I do, genuinely.  It makes me so happy to see people leave my therapy sessions not in pain.  And then when they refer people to me to feel that relief as well? This is my guilty pleasure!”



Colleen Murray-Seig

Colleen Murray-Seig

NJ Licensed Massage Therapist Somerset School of Massage, International Academy of Neuro-Muscular Certified Therapist, Certifications in Cuppoing, LaStone, and Postureology

Colleen Murray-Seig is an experienced Massage Therapist, teacher, and lecturer with over 25 years of expertise in the field of massage. She holds various certifications, including Cupping, LaStone, and Postureology, showcasing her commitment to diverse therapeutic approaches. Colleen has shared her knowledge of massage through lectures on various subjects. Notably, she has addressed topics such as "Stress in the workplace and how to deal with it" and "Massage Therapy as a Homeopathic accompaniment to traditional medicine." 

Colleen works with a diverse clientele, addressing a range of issues from repetitive stress injuries to general relaxation massage. Her extensive background and commitment to ongoing education benefits both her clients and the next generation of practitioners as she continues to inspire through her teaching and lecturing engagements.

“It’s my job as a therapist to help you help your body heal. This amazing machine we live in sometimes needs a little fine tuning. Let me help you try to get you in your best possible shape. I am truly blessed to be able to do a job I love and help people. I believe being of service to others is one of the best things we can do as humans and look forward to helping as many people as I can.”