Exercise Is Medicine On Campus

This program is a collaborative partnership of Division of Student Affairs and The Department of Kinesiology & Health:

exercise is medicine


Exercise Is Medicine–On Campus is a program that strives to motivate and encourage all students, faculty, and staff on campus to find ways to stay physically active.

We provide

  • FREE Exercise Is Medicine–Online Coaching!
    • This is 45- minute virtual appointment with a certified personal trainer where you will receive a personalized exercise prescription. You will complete a health and fitness history questionnaire before the appointment, discuss goals, barriers, and physical activity guidelines with the coach. Your exercise prescription will include a basic weight training plan that can be done at home or at the Rutgers Recreation Fitness Centers. Once the first appointment is completed, an in-person 30-minute session can be scheduled with the coach to help with the proper form and equipment usage. Book your appointment by click the button below.

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  • The program supports Academic classes such as Cardio Conditioning that are open to all students. Check out the classes offered by the department of Kinesiology and Health: https://kines.rutgers.edu/undergraduate-courses
  • Exercise is medicine month (October) programming and other programs such as the step challenge that promote activity.

Learn more about Exercise is Medicine — On Campus:

Rutgers University, New Brunswick has maintained Gold Status since 2018 due to the strong partnership between the Department of Kinesiology and Health and the Division of student Affairs

Mission: The mission of EIM at Rutgers University, New Brunswick is to foster collaborative leadership on campus through the promotion of well-being through exercise and physical activity.

Vision: The vision of EIM at Rutgers University, New Brunswick is to see leaders across multiple disciplines promote, support, and engage the campus community in the value and participation of exercise as a medicine for chronic disease prevention and management.

EIM-OC Leadership:

Steven K. Malin PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology & Health




Stacy Trukowski M.S
Director of Recreation Programming
Division of Student Affairs


Videos to Learn More About What to Expect

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