Rutgers Rec Kids Summer Camps offer 2 camp programs that provide children a supervised, positive environment where they can learn and grow through a variety of activities. Camp experiences are an integral part of a child’s total education. Camp offers and opportunity for children to build friendships while learning valuable life lessons.

The Day Camp is accredited by the ACA (American Camping Association) and is for ages 5-11-year-olds. Camp operates indoors and outdoors with activities throughout the day that include, but are not limited to: sports, fitness, arts and crafts, science, projects and music/drama. Campers get daily swim lessons along with free swim. Once a week, each age group goes on 1 field trip.

Adventure Camp is open to children age 11-14-years-old. Adventure Camp travels daily and keep with activities children relish including, but not limited to: rock climbing, surfing, hiking and more.