Athletic Trainer

Through a parternship with RWJ Somerset, all Rutgers Club Sport athletes benefit from having access to an on-site certified athletic trainer. Certified Athletic Trainers are here to evaluate, treat, and rehab your injuries, helping to keep you safely participating. As a health care professional, proper care of an injury and getting you back to full participation is our primary goal:

  • Services include:
    • Practice/Game Prep (taping, bracing, stretching, warm-up)
    • Evaluation, Treatment, and Rehab for all orthopedic injuries (both acute and chronic), such as:
      • Head Injuries (Concussions)
      • Joint Sprains and Muscle Strains
      • Bone injuries (bruises, fractures)
      • Overuse injuries
    • Qualified to provide treatment approaches include Manual Therapy, corrective exercise, stretching, and reconditioning
  • Need to Know Information: