Specialty Classes

Looking for smaller classes, individual attention and progressive instruction? Specialty classes are for you! Each class builds upon lessons learned in previous sessions. Choose from dance, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, running, small group training, and specialty yoga. Previous experience is not necessary!

Specialty classes are available to students, faculty and staff. Click here to view current offerings, register and pay for specialty classes. Some of the classes offered are:


BALLROOM MAGIC Learn basics and fun variations for beginners in American Waltz, International Rumba, and Argentine Tango. No partner necessary. The class will be taught on a rotational basis for partners.
HIP HOP DANCE Learn Hip Hop dance technique and cutting edge choreography that will help improve your coordination and self esteem on the dance floor. This class is recommended for everyone: from those who are just looking for an upbeat activity to the most dedicated dancer. Bring your attitude and be ready to move, sweat and have FUN!
LATIN CLUB Learn basics and fun variations for beginners in dances such as Cha-cha, Salsa, and either Merengue or Samba. No partner necessary. The class will be taught on a rotational basis for partners.
MODERN DANCE Explore full body movement and creativity with modern dance! A fun fusion of classical and contemporary modern techniques that will dynamically tone muscles, improve flexibility and build strength. This class connects the mind and body to promote more agility and ease in daily life. All levels of movers are welcome.


MINDFULNESS BASED STRESS REDUCTION Are you constantly stressed? Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness, or anxiety? The MBSR program is a highly participatory, practical course based on three decades of published research. Using yoga and mindfulness meditation practices you will learn to tap into you own deepest inner resources, to recognize your unique reactions to stress, and find more effective ways to respond. Course includes a one-day retreat on Saturday, November 11, from 10am – 4pm, at the CAPS on 17 Senior Street, College Avenue Campus.
YOGIC MEDITATION Learn traditional yogic meditation techniques that help to let go of negative thought patterns, restore your vital energy, and find calm & peace for yourself and the world. Theory and practice includes: restorative breathing practices (pranayamas), guided deep relaxation & visualization (yoga nidra), mantra meditations, clearing & understanding the chakras, energy balancing meditations, and much more. Learn how to develop your own practice and refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Wear loose comfortable clothing.


RU RUNNING ½ MARATHON & 8K TRAINING CLASS Did you know that Rutgers has its own Half Marathon and 8K right on campus? Join our training class to receive individual attention, accountability, and guidance through a 10-week program. Whether you have never trained for a half marathon/8K before, you are a veteran racer, or you just want fellow runners to train with, you will be guided by certified trainers and running coaches through a training program to complete your first Half Marathon/8K or improve your previous time. Don’t want to race or have another race you are training for? No problem!
RUnFIT Get stronger, prevent injuries, and perform better with RUnFIT- a strength and stretch class designed to complement a runners’ everyday fitness routine. In this class you will strengthen the major muscles needed for better running performance using resistance, TRX, platforms, and bodyweight while training your body to use less energy when running! Runners are notorious for having imbalances and weaknesses due to the repetitive single-planar motions. Injury prevention will be reinforced through active stretching and foam rolling.


METABOLIC INTERVAL TRAINING This program is geared towards any exerciser specifically interested in losing fat and improving levels of conditioning. In this program you will use metabolic conditioning coupled with strength training for maximum results.
POWERU This program is geared towards the intermediate level exerciser interesting in building muscle and losing fat while getting stronger using barbell and dumbbell lifts. Over the 6 week program progress will be monitored, individualizations will be made, and workouts will be progressed to constantly see improvement.
SMALL GROUP TRAINING FOR FACULTY/STAFF This progressive program focuses on functional movements that are necessary to live a productive and active lifestyle. Our personal trainer will guide you through a total body workout to increase stamina, strength, mobility, and flexibility. The small group will have exclusive access of the fitness center before doors open for the day.
SMALL GROUP TRAINING FOR WOMEN Weight training is vitally important for women to enhance muscle tone, boost metabolism, maintain a functional lifestyle, and see a positive change in body composition. With guidance from a female personal trainer, female students will work out together throughout the progressive 6 weeks to target multiple muscle groups using bodyweight and free weights. Classes are kept small to address special needs and accommodate different goals


INTRO TO YOGA Discover the benefits of Yoga in a class designed for students who are new to the practice. Learn foundational yoga postures (asanas) with alignment, breathing techniques, and meditation. Each class will end with a deep relaxation (savasana). Yoga has a unique way of strengthening and toning your body, improving flexibility and enhancing your sense of well being.
INTEGRAL YOGA Integral Yoga is a gentle style that is perfect for both beginners and for those who would like to deepen their Hatha yoga practice. There is a nurturing meditative feel of this class from the flow coordinating the breath with movement. The hatha class format includes: classical yoga postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), relaxation visualization to reduce stress and promote harmony and healing (yoga nidra), and a short meditation for calming and centering the mind. You will also learn the energetic aspects of ancient hatha yoga, including the chakras and the flow of prana. Students practice at their own comfort level. Please wear loose comfortable clothing to class, and warm clothing for the cooler days. You may choose to refrain from eating a large meal for approximately 1.5 hrs before class.