We will come to your campus event. Please request service a minimum of two weeks in advance.


Our mobile chair massage program is designed to bring wellness to your campus event. Our professionally licensed therapists bring positive energy in an effective way to help reduce stress induced tension. Clients are fully clothed and sit on specially designed massage chairs while therapists skillfully massage the shoulders, back, arms and hands for tension relief. Clients leave with a sense of well-being and relaxation.
This is a popular program for either small gatherings or large group events.
Event rates begin at $60 per hour per therapist/henna artist and prices are reduced for additional therapists/henna artist  -or- hours. For further information contact Teri Meade via email at  stressbusters4ru@gmail.com  or phone 848-445-2398 or. You may also Click here to fill out request form.
# of Therapists
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
1 therapist
2 therapists
3 therapists


Henna Tattoos are a form of body art that is applied to the skin as a temporary skin decoration.   Bring this popular activity to your on campus location for dorm events, organization meetings, stress relief programs, or for any student gathering. Our trained Henna artists will enhance the value of your program. For further information contact Teri Meade via phone 848-445-2398 or e-mail Teri. You may also Click here to fill out request form.



We can bring fitness classes to your on-campus location for dorm events, office locations, organization meetings in student centers and stress relief programs.  We offer a variety of classes including Ballet Dance Instruction, Balletone,  Ballroom Dance Instruction, Body Attack, Hip Hop Dance,  Insanity, Meditation, Pilates, Piyo, RU FIT Unleashed, Yoga, Yoga with Reiki, and Zumba. Our certified instructors will come to your location and teach the class of your choice.  This is a great opportunity for group events. For further information e-mail Steffanie Gallante or Click here to fill out a request form.



We can bring Certified Personal Trainers to your on-campus location to provide fitness workshops for your dorm events, office gatherings, organization meetings in student centers and stress relief programs.  We offer a variety of workshops including Staying Fit at Home or in Your Dorm, Healthy Eating on Campus, and other fitness and nutrition workshops.  For further information contact Nick Occhipinti e-mail Nick Occhipinti or Click here to make a request.