Please note: There will be swim meets at Werblin Rec Center on 7/14 & 7/15. As a result, there will be increased traffic and parking, so please plan accordingly.

Fitness & Wellness Classes (formerly Flex Pass) are FREE for students and contracted Recreation members.

Faculty & staff may purchase a Fitness & Wellness class membership here.


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About Fitness & Wellness Classes (formerly Fitness Flex Pass)

  • Fitness & Wellness Classes are FREE for students and contracted* Recreation members and $45 for faculty and staff* . Please show your ID before entering class.
  • Class descriptions can be found here. Classes include over 100 weekly classes on all 4 campuses including: cardio, strength, Barre/Pilates/Fusion, and Yoga/Meditation.
  • Classes are first come/first serve and patrons are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of class start time to secure spot and set up equipment.
  • For a convenient daily schedule of classes and alerts, download the UPACE app. 

The Faculty and Staff Fitness & Wellness Class Membership (formerly Fitness Flex Pass)

The F/S Fitness & Wellness Class Membership can be purchased:

•In person and over the phone during office hours in the main offices at:

Your F/S Fitness & Wellness Class Membership will be linked to your RU ID card so you will not need a membership card.

Please bring your RU ID to class for the staff to swipe as you enter class.

We will no longer be selling the One Class Passes.  F/S may purchase a 1-day F/S Fitness & Wellness Class Membership for $10 that will give you access to all classes offered that day. This membership may be purchased in the same manner as listed above and will be automatically added to your Rutgers ID.

*Full-time faculty and staff are not considered contracted Recreation members.

About Specialty Classes
Looking for smaller classes, individual attention and progressive instruction? Specialty classes are for you! Each class builds upon lessons learned in previous sessions. Choose from dance, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, running, small group training, and specialty yoga. Previous experience is not necessary!

Specialty classes are available to students, faculty,  staff and contracted Recreation members. Click here to view current offerings, register and pay for specialty classes.

Always be in the know with what’s happening at our rec centers with the UPACE app. View real time occupancies at the facilities, day-to-day schedule of Flex Pass classes, and reserve cardio equipment to make fitness meet convenience for you. Classes are first come/first served. Reservations are no longer being taken for Flex Pass classes. Patrons are encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes before class time to secure their spot and set up their equipment.

UPACE is now available to download!

To download, please visit: Apple Store, Google Play, or sign up online  by clicking here.

Click for instructions on HOW TO RESERVE EQUIPMENT
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