Facility Rental
To reserve a facility, please fill out the form under the appropriate facility tab that you are interested in.

Please note: We are currently discontinuing equipment rentals at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Reservations for the College Avenue Gymnasium, the Werblin Recreation Center, the Cook/Douglass Recreation Center, the Livingston Recreation Center and the outdoor fields are governed by the following policies. Please read them carefully before you file a facility reservation request.

All Facility Reservation Requests Must Be Filled:
1.  At least two weeks in advance of the date requested; one month in advance if the request is a special event.*
2.  By an officer or a director of a registered club, organization, department or alumni group on campus.
*Reservations will not be reviewed for fall semester before July 1, for spring semester before December 1 and for summer session before March 1.

Facility Reservation Requests Will be Reviewed Within 48 Hours Unless:
1.  The request is submitted on a Friday.
2.  Approvals are needed from the Intramural Director for tournaments.
3.  It is a special event requiring assistance from Facilities Maintenance and the Campus Police.

Special Event planning includes the sponsoring group meeting with recreational services to:
1.  Discuss set up requirements needed by Facilities Maintenance.
2.  Hire the appropriate number of University Police, Fire and First-Aid Staff for safety.
3.  Hire a supervisor from Recreational Services for all activities occurring outside of normal operating hours.
4.  Pay for all charges before the event, or as arranged.

Reservations for special events are limited to two per month on the following priority basis:
1.  Recreational Services.
2.  Common Hour Exams (CAG and Livingston only).
3.  Recreational Services Club Sports.
4.  University organizations and clubs.