Exercise Is Medicine – On Campus

Exercise Is Medicine–On Campus is a program that strives to motivate and encourage all students, faculty, and staff on campus to find ways to stay physically active whether it is at your home, at school, at the gym, or at the park!

We provide free Exercise Is Medicine–Online Coaching! Please complete the following link to request an appointment and you will be contacted to confirm an appointment time.

  • The program includes the following:
    • 1st appointment: This is up to a 1-hour session to review the physical activity guidelines and discuss your health & fitness history and goals. All participants will be asked to complete a health and fitness history assessment and a waiver prior to the first session.
    • 2nd appointment: Once your first session has been completed will be scheduled to review your exercise prescription developed by the EIM-OC (Exercise is Medicine ® On Campus) coach, a certified personal trainer.
    • 3rd appointment: This is an optional session provided 6-8 weeks receiving an exercise prescription. This session provides for adjustments to be made, progress to be discussed and questions to be answered. Book your appointment here: (add button or link)

Watch our videos below to learn more about what to expect.

What is Coaching?

What Makes Up 10,000 Steps

Create a New Habit

EIM-OC: Stretch and Flexibility RX

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Nutrition for a Healthy Body

Barrier: Lack of Time

EIM-OC: Lower Body RX