Q: What are the counselors’ qualifications?
A:  Many of our counselors are Recreation Professionals, assisted by college age students.  All of the staff are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED. Some have additional specialty training such as our swim instructors who are American Red Cross Trained Water Safety Instructors.

Q: How many staff members are with each group?
A: We have a counselor assigned to each group of 12. Campers meet with specialists most periods, and their counselors stay to assist. Activities with a higher risk (such as trips) will have additional and specialized staffing.

Q: Is there a certified nurse on staff?
A: Rutgers Rec Kids Day Camp will have at least 1 certified nurse at camp during regular camp hours.  Our nurse will handle the dispensing of medication. A medical history and a medicine release form allowing our nurse to dispense medication will be included in the information packet you will receive after your registration. The release form, if needed, must be completed by a physician. Adventure Camp staff is trained in First Aid/CPR and brings an emergency medical kit with them on all trips.

Q: What is the procedure in the event of a medical emergency?
A: In case of a medical emergency, the nurse or staff would treat the injury on site. If necessary, local emergency services would be contacted. A staff member will accompany your child to one of 2 local hospitals of your choice, and stay with your child until you, or your designee, arrive.

Q: Must my child wear the Rutgers Rec Kids (formerly New Horizons) Day Camp t-shirt and sneakers everyday?
A:  No, your child will be provided with a camp t-shirt on week one or on their first week of enrollment that they MUST wear on trip day. We suggest that campers wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes everyday.  We don’t recommend flip flops or other slip on shoes. Adventure Campers are welcome to wear their camp shirts on any day they would like. A more detailed list of daily activities will be provided on a weekly basis, with recommended attire. Camp shirts are not required to be worn.

Q: What should I send with my child each day?
A: Each day, please pack the following; a lunch and beverage, 1-2 towels, 1-2 bathing suits, sunscreen, a hat (or both), a refillable water bottle, a change of clothes  (optional), and a plastic bag for wet items. Please label all items with your child’s first initial and last name. Adventure camp parents will be provided with a more detailed list of daily activities on a weekly basis, with recommended attire.

Q: Do you offer swim instruction?
A: Instructional swim is taught on a daily basis. Campers are evaluated and assigned to a group based on their skill level. We maintain a 1:3 ratio for beginner level swimmers,  1:5 ratio for all other level swimmers.

Q: How many periods a day does my child have swim?
A: Your child will have instructional swim once a day and free swim once a day as well. They will not have swim on the day they go on a field trip.

Q: What are the qualifications of your pool staff?
A: Our swim instructors are all American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. These are the same quality instructors that teach in our RURec Kids Swim Program. In addition, American Red Cross certified Lifeguards guard the pool during Free Swim periods.

Q: Since lunch is sent from home, will it be refrigerated?
A: Yes! All lunches are refrigerated upon arrival at camp. Most campers use insulated bags.  However, for camp trips we require sending lunch in an brown bag. Please make sure that your child’s first initial and last name is written on the bag. Adventure Campers will pack their lunches in coolers for many of the trips, but must be prepared to bring their lunch with them on hike days. Ice packs are encouraged.

Q: What kinds of snacks are provided?
A:  A list of snacks will be provided prior to each week of camp. This way if your child has any allergies or special dietary needs, you can send a substitute snack so he/she can still enjoy a snack with the rest of camp. Snacks are provided in each afternoon.

Q: Are the children provided with water during the day?
A:  Yes! The camp has chilled water fountains throughout the indoor facility and will have ice water cooler stations available outdoors as well. We encourage you to send a refillable water bottle with    your child to camp so that we can minimize the use of disposable cups and the impact that we have on the environment. Adventure camp brings two large coolers of ice water each day, however for events like hiking, each   child is expected to bring at least a 32oz water bottle with them.

Q: Do you have any special events?
A:  Each week has a unique theme and corresponding Special Event. Past events have included a Carnival, Wet and Wild Day, Barnyard Bonanza, Game Show Extravaganza, Scavenger Hunt, and Color Games.

Q: Will you take my child off premises?
A: Yes, but not without your knowledge and consent. Each week, except the 4th of July Week, includes a trip. You will be well informed of any other off campus excursions.

Q: Is transportation to camp available?
A:  We’re sorry. We are unable to offer transportation to and from camp. Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from camp each day.

Q: Is Pre-Care or After-Care Available?
A: Yes, Pre-care is available starting at 7:30am. After-care is available until 6:00pm. The cost is $40/week or $10 daily.

Q: What if I need to pick up my child early?
A: The early pick-up procedure is relatively easy. In the morning, during sign-in please give a note to the counselor who greets you in the lot. This note should contain your child’s name and time of pick-up. If someone other than you is picking up your child, please provide the name of that person in your note. This person should have a photo ID with them. Your child will be ready in the Sign-In/Sign-Out area at   the requested  time. Your child must be met and signed out at the front desk. If your Adventure Camper requires early pickup, please coordinate with the Adventure Camp director  prior to that day to see about the possibility of early pickup.

Q: What if my child won’t be coming to camp or will be coming late?
A: We would appreciate a phone call letting us know that your child is ill or injured or you will be late. If we don’t hear from you, we will start calling you at 9am to see if your child is out sick. If you are dropping off your child late, you MUST come to the camp office to sign in. Your child will be brought to the scheduled activity from the office.  Adventure camp will leave for their trip each day by 9am, so if you will be late, please call the desk and inform the Adventure camp director.

Q: What COVID-19 precautions do you have in place?
A: Rutgers Rec Kids Summer Camp will operate under Rutgers University COVID-19 policies and procedures along with the CDC and ACA (American Camping Association) recommendations which currently includes masking indoors. We will continue to adjust our plan if needed to meet recommended guidelines and requirements as we get closer to the 2022 summer camp season. More details to come.

All camp staff are required to be vaccinated or tested if they have an exemption to ensure the utmost safety of our staff and campers. Staff will be trained on COVID-19 procedures.