What is the Color Me RU?

The Color Me RU is a fun 2 ½ mile run/walk which focuses on having a great experience running with your friends while getting blasted by a rainbow of colors.  We do not care how long it takes you to run, walk or crawl the distance. Rather, we want you to take your time, laugh, dance and get completely covered with our colorful powder. This is all about having FUN!!  Did we say yet we want you to have FUN?

What is the color?

Throughout the 2 1/2 mile course we will have COLOR ZONES where you will be blasted with color cornstarch from our happy volunteers. Each zone will be a specific color and we plan on having 6 color zones.  Volunteers, who will also be having FUN, will be throwing the colored cornstarch at you.  You will also receive your own goodie bag of color at the finish line to throw on your friends and whoever may be in your throwing range.  All products are 100% natural and safe. You can even eat it if you want but it probably won’t taste too good!!   Check out our map to see the course and to view the Color Zones. (click image to enlarge) 

ColorMeRU_Map_Flyer_2016 copy

Race Day Info

Where: Runner Check In will take place in the field across the street from Henry’s Diner.

When:  Runners’ can check in beginning at 4pm through 5pm.

Waves: We will have 4 open waves: 5pm, 5:05pm, 5:10pm and 5:15pm

Race Start:  The race will begin on Avenue E after the circle.  Runner’s will check in and then walk over to the start.

Race Finish:  The race will finish with the final color station in the fields across from Henry’s Diner.

After Party: The After Party will take place in Livingston Plaza

After Party

We will be hosting some music, activity, food and drink after the Color Me RU so stay around and hang out with us for a bit.  The After Party is sponsored by Student Engagement and the Rutgers University Dance Marathon.


The cost is  $24.
Part of the proceeds will benefit Rutgers University Dance Marathon.


Register Here


Do I need to be a fast runner to do this?
Heck no.  There are tons of runs out there that focus on your speed and your ability to perform.  This is an experience and we want you to have a good time so if you need to walk the whole thing, go for it.

What is included in my registration fee?
Runners will receive a Color Me RU bandana and sunglasses to protect your face while you navigate the run. Also, enjoy the After party in the grassy area by the white wall with music, games, food and festivities.

How should I dress for this event?
SERIOUSLY READ THIS: WEAR ALL WHITE.  We need you to wear as much white as possible.  Wear white socks, shorts or pants and white shirts.

How is the color administered?
We will have tons of volunteers on the course who will be throwing color corn starch at you. It will not hurt but it will get all over you, including your teeth unless you keep your mouth closed. We provide fun colored sunglasses so you can protect your eyes.

Will the color ruin clothing?
The color will mostly come out of clothing when you wash but you may have some residual color left. We recommend that you wear something that you don’t mind getting colorful.  You can try to preserve the color in your shirt by spraying it with vinegar and ironing it before you wash it.

Will there be any stations to help clean off after the run?
Yes we will have cleaning stations at the end of the run. The cleaning stations will have volunteers armed with leaf blowers who will blow the color off of you.  It is easier to blow the color off of you before you shower.  If you do get wet, it is best to wipe yourself with soap first and then rinse with water.  

Is the color run timed?
No there is no timing for this. IF you care about your time, bring a watch.

Are there refunds?
No there are no refunds available. IF you cannot make the run, give your info to one of your friends who could not get in!!

We currently have opportunities for businesses to sponsor Color Me RU and other Rutgers Recreation Programs.

Please contact:

Marian Kapp
Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
Ph:  848-445-5401
E:    marian.kapp@rutgers.edu