The Rutgers University Rockwall is located at the College Avenue Gym (best to enter from back of CAG).

Regular Rockwall hours during Fall and Spring are:

Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm
Sunday 4pm-7pm

For classes, please click here, then click the “Recreation Programs” classification, then the “Adventure Rec” category.

Experience the vertical world of rock climbing on our 2200 sq. ft. of sculpted terrain at the College Avenue Gym. Climb along sheer verticals, sculpted bulges, and horizontal overhangs, and feel the adrenaline as you hang onto a rock twenty feet above the floor.

Come with a friend or be belayed by one of our staff members. All belayers must be certified by Rutgers Rock Gym staff, regardless of previous certifications at other gyms. For beginners, we offer free trial climbs!! Our staff will set you up with free gear and help you learn the basics of climbing indoors.


  • 25′ high x 80′ wide
  • 2,200 sq. ft. of climbing surface and steep bouldering wall
  • 17 top ropes
  • Over 35 routes ranging from easy to expert
  • Routes changed monthly
  • Harnesses provided free of charge
  • Climbing shoes available for rental
  • Routes are color coded and have difficulty ratings of 5.4 – 5.13


Belaying is the technique climbers use to assist one another while ascending and descending.

Want to become belay certified? Sign up for one of our 2-hour introduction classes and we’ll teach you the basic safety skills and techniques. For those with previous belaying experience, test out with our 10-minute skills test: available on a walk-in basis.

For more information inquire at the Rock Gym front desk at  848-445-3691.