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Executive Director’s Office

Dave Williams Executive Director Werblin Rec Center  848-445-0462
Raquel Cannarozzi Administrative Assistant Werblin Rec Center 848-445-1326
Heather Hommel Coordinator Administrative Services Werblin Rec Center 848-445-1306

Athletic Trainer

Timothy Mancuso Athletic Trainer Livingston Rec Center 848-445-5868


John Tuohy Associate Director Aquatics Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0457
Jeff Zeszotarski Aquatics Coordinator Werblin Rec Center 848-445-1336
Elizabeth Yarus Aquatics Coordinator College Ave. Gym 848-932-0711
Debby Miller Scuba Coordinator Werblin Rec Center  848-445-1337

Business Office

Andrew Cousins Business Manager Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0828
Chris Thomas Coordinator of Admin. Services Leadership House 848-445-2227
TBD Coordinator of Admin. Services
Business Assistant Werblin Rec Center 848-445-1342


Stacy Trukowski Director of Fitness Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0462
Anne Finetto Assistant Director of Fitness Livingston Rec Center 848-445-1980
Eric Petersen Fitness Coordinator College Ave. Gym
Bethann Wittig Fitness Coordinator Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0461
Samantha Plum Fitness Coordinator Rutgers Fitness Center 848-932-8063
Steffanie Gallante Fitness Coordinator Cook/Douglass Rec Center 848-932-7290
Natasha Meek Fitness Specialist Werblin Rec Center 848-445-1309
 Assistant Fitness Coordinator  Livingston Rec


Jason Sherrard Unit Computing Mgr. Werblin Rec Center 848-445-3294


Marian Kapp Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications Livingston Rec Center/Leadership House 848-445-5401
Sandra Hidalgo Public Relations Specialist Leadership House 848-445-8286
Katia Pouleva Public Relations Specialist Leadership House 848-445-8245


Dave Cocuzza Director of Operations College Ave. Gym 848-932-0712
 TBH Facility Coordinator Livingston Rec Center 848-445-1982
Ganesh Waran Facility Coordinator Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0465
Brad Ferrara Facility Coordinator Cook/Douglass Rec Center 848-932-8574
Chris Smolk Facility Coordinator College Ave. Gym 848-932-8829
Claire Bien Administrative Assistant College Ave. Gym 848-932-0706
Jason DeGennaro Coordinator of Administrative Services College Avenue Gym 848-932-9699

Outdoor Recreation

Jesse Stratowski Outdoor Rec. Coordinator Cook/Douglass Rec Center 848-445-3691


Teri Meade Spa Specialist Livingston Rec Center 848-445-2398


Stephan Pappas Director of Sports Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0462
Paul Fischbach Associate Director of Sports Werblin Rec Center 848-445-0466
TBH Coordinator of Sports College Ave. Gym
Kristen Pettis Coordinator of Sports College Ave. Gym 848-932-0701
Paul Goobic Intramural & Sport Club Coordinator College Ave. Gym 848-932-9178
TBH Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator Livingston Recreation Center
Shane Farrell Assistant Crew Coach College Ave. Gym 848-932-4226
Steve Wagner Director of Rowing College Ave. Gym 848-932-4226