Fitness Center Policy:

  1. Attire designed for activity and athletic footwear are required. No bare or socked feet, boots, open toed or dress shoes are permitted in the Fitness Center. 
  2. Bags are not permitted on the fitness center floor. All personal items should be locked in a locker.
  3. Collar use is mandatory on all free barbell lifts.
  4. Weights may not be dropped. Controlled lifting is expected at all times. We recommend use of a spotter.
  5. Deadlifting may only be performed in designated areas/platforms. Control of the movement is expected at all times, including when lowering to the ground.
  6. Weights must be re-racked between sets. Please do not prop plates against benches, machines, walls or mirrors.
  7. Olympic lifts (snatch, clean & jerk and other variations) are limited to the Power and Conditioning Rooms located at the College Avenue Gymnasium. 
  8. Distracting behavior including cell phone conversations, offensive language, and loud noises such as yelling or grunting are not permitted.
  9. Exercise is not permitted in pathways. Swinging weights, jumping rope, muscle ups, and other movements are not permitted in the fitness centers due to limited space.  These movements can be performed in the Power & Conditioning rooms located at the College Avenue Gymnasium.
  10. There is a 45 minute time limit for use of all cardiovascular equipment. 
  11. All fitness center users must be 18 years or older.
  12. Equipment may not be removed from the fitness center or fitness studio/classrooms without prior approval.
  13. The Spinning™ and RU FIT Studios located at the Werblin Recreation Center are for classes and private training sessions only. 
  14. Personally owned attachments such as the TRX or rings are not to be brought into the fitness centers .  These items are available for use at the Power & Conditioning Rooms located at the College Ave Gymnasium. 
  15. Elevation Training Masks are not to be used in the fitness centers.
  16. Non-Rutgers personal trainers are not permitted to provide training sessions in the fitness centers.