Working for Recreation is much more than convenient on-campus employment! You acquire specific job training, develop skills, meet new people, and feel good about helping to build a healthy Rutgers Community. Most of all, as a Recreation student employee, we will encourage you to Do What Moves U!

Other benefits:

  • Certifications and training programs
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Transferable skills you can apply post-graduation

Recreation works with other campus partners including Career Services and Leadership & Experiential Learning to provide you with co-curricular experiences including workshops, programs and conference opportunities that can provide you with the necessary competencies to succeed both at Rutgers and post-graduation.

Spring 2022 Team Rec Student Leadership Team

Name Unit Major (minor if applicable)
Acosta, Raul Building Manager Supply Chain Management
Bennett, Robert Aquatics Manager Meteorology
Bullock, Andrew Graduate Intern M.S. Global Sports
Doctor, Kyle Graduate Intern M.S. Global Sports
Fischbach, Abigail IM Manager Linguistics
Germain, Scottie Fitness Manager/Building Manager Human Resources
Ibrahim, Moustafa Aquatics Manager Information Technology & Informatics
Iqbal, Iman Fitness Manager Supply Chain Management
Izaguirre-Aguila, Carlos Building Manager Exercise Science
Lederman, Hannah Fitness Manager/Building Manager Psychology
Mai, Matthew IM Manager Public Policy
Mcqueen, Mya Graduate Intern Ed. M. in College of Student Affairs
Mullings, Mildred Fitness Manager Animal Science
Rauf, Eiman Building Manager Criminal Justice
Shabazz, I’Asia Building Manager Public Health
Vitureira, Emma Rock Gym Manager/Building Manager M.A. Social Work
Yeung, Jessie Fitness Manager Public Health

Staff Recognition Awards

Fall 2020 Staff Recognition Awards

Excellence Award 

Sebastian Chiaramonte (Member Services) 

MaeKenzi Dixon (Fitness & Wellness) 

Keira Collazo (Fitness & Wellness)  

Scottie Germain (Fitness & Wellness) 

Samaa Elbanna (Fitness & Wellness) 

Clarissa Glassen (Aquatics) 

Patrick Rudawski (Aquatics) 

Matthew Rudawski (Aquatics) 


Team Rec Impact Award 

Moustafa Ibrahim (Aquatics) 

Rachel Henry (Member Services) 


Do What Moves U Award  

Kate Jones (Fitness & Wellness)

Shivani Kommireddi (Fitness & Wellness) 

Jess Michal (Fitness & Wellness)

Macey Jordon (Fitness & Wellness)

Telema Briggs (Fitness & Wellness)

Candace Longoria (Fitness & Wellness)


The Rising Star Award 

Mildred Mullings (Fitness & Wellness)

Sagar Singal (Fitness & Wellness)

Shawkia Arrington (Member Services) 

Spring 2021 Staff Recognition Awards

Energizer Bunny Award– Most likely to bring energy to work

Izzedine Ayesh

Mosutafa Ibrahim

Leonard Castillo


Superhero Award– Most Likely to Cover Your Shift

Sebastian Chiaramonte

Aoife Kinnucane

Jamar Sims


Lightbulb Award– Most likely to Brighten up your day

MaeKenzie Dixon

Tehyla McLeod

Kathy Suazo


Funny Bone Award– Most Likely to Make You Laugh

Jalen Cabrera

Michelle Hong

Iman Iqbal


Playground Award– Most Likely to Make Work Fun

Raul Acosta

Telema Briggs

Christine Desomma


Mind-Blowing Award- Most Likely to Generate Creative Ideas

Sarah Cain

Scottie Germain

Jessie Yeung


Olympian Award– Most Likely to be Working Out

Keira Collazo

Patrick Rudawski

Carlos Izaguirre


Rockstar Rookie Award– New Hire Most Likley to Go Above and Beyond

Julia Gmahle

Mildred Mullings

Anna Mackinnon


Cool Under Pressure Award– Most Likely to Stay Level-headed No Matter What’s Happening

Matthew Rudawski (A)

Anneury Familia (Fit)

Dasha Timura (M)


Best DJ Award- Most Likely to Have the Best Playlists

Anna Root

Laine Klimek

Charington Robinson

Spring 2022 Staff Recognition Awards

Unit Award Winners:

Moustafa Ibrahim, Aquatics

Matt Mai, Competitive Sports

I’Asia Shabazz, Member Services

Hannah Lederman, Fitness & Wellness

Haley Donohue, Marketing

Marcellus Murray, Facilities/Operations

Emma Vitureira, Outdoor Recreation

Wen Shao, Student Development


Instructional Excellence Award Winners:

Ewa Wos, Aquatics

Melissa Oliver, Fitness & Wellness

Alice Stejskal, Fitness & Wellness

Caroline Willson, Fitness & Wellness


Leadership Excellence Award Winners:

Robert Bennett, Aquatics

Scottie Germain, Fitness & Wellness

Abby Fischbach, Competitive Sports

Jenna Liloia, Competitive Sports

Carlos Izaguirre, Member Services



Wellness Excellence Award Winner

Jessie Yeung, Fitness & Wellness



Ed Levy Scholarship Award Winners

Sebastian Chiaramonte, Member Services

Abby Fischbach, Competitive Sports

Amanda Lau, Marketing

Melissa Oliver, Fitness & Wellness

I’Asia Shabazz, Member Services

Sagar Singal, Fitness & Wellness

Jessie Yeung, Fitness & Wellness

The department will host trainings, workshops and other relevant professional development opportunities throughout the year.  Opportunities and registration information is communicated via the department list serve, the recreation newsletter and your direct professional staff supervisor.

Rutgers Recreation is fortunate to have numerous alumni willing to invest back into the program that helped them develop during their time on the banks!  Alumni lead workshops, participate in our special events and serve as mentors to our current student employees.  If you are an alumnus of our program and would like to give back to TeamRec please contact Paul Fischbach, 848-445-0466 for more information.