Working for Recreation is much more than convenient on-campus employment! You acquire specific job training, develop skills, meet new people, and feel good about helping to build a healthy Rutgers Community. Most of all, as a Recreation student employee, we will encourage you to Do What Moves U!

Other benefits:

  • Certifications and training programs
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Transferable skills you can apply post-graduation

Recreation works with other campus partners including Career Services and Leadership & Experiential Learning to provide you with co-curricular experiences including workshops, programs and conference opportunities that can provide you with the necessary competencies to succeed both at Rutgers and post-graduation.

Student Leader



 Date of Grad

 Staff Unit

Danielle Segerholm Business Analytics Information Technology May 2020 Fitness Manager
  Sarah Holick  Dietetics May 2021 Intramural Manager
Paulo Morante  Exercise Science & Psychology May 2020 Building Manager
  Zack Lopez  Biomedical Engineering May 2020 Building Manager
Cearra King Human Resource Management May 2022 Facilities Manager
  Rimsha Liaquat Human Resource Management May 2022 Building Manager
  Jasper Orengo  Leadership and Management May 2020 Building
  Luis Paez Political Science/Economics May 2020 Building
Valerie Montrose Economics May 2020 Building Manager
  Catrina Casale Economics May 2020 Aquatics Manager
  Nicole Lopez Political Science May 2020 Field Manager
Mike Yard Biomedical Engineering May 2020 Intramural Manager


Unit and Departmental Award Winners

Spring 2020 Recreation Unit Award Winners

  • Aquatics – Larissa Wojenko
  • Business Office – Nimit Jogani
  • Competitive Sports – Binnaz Bekirefendi
  • Facilities/Operations – Nicole Lopez
  • Fitness & Wellness – Rachel Henry
  • Member Services – Luis Paez
  • Outdoor Rec – Esha Rao

Fall 2020 Recreation Excellence Award

  • Sebastian Chiaramonte (Member Services)
  • MaeKenzi Dixon (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Keira Collazo (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Scottie Germain (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Samaa Elbanna (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Clarissa Glassen (Aquatics)
  • Patrick Rudawski (Aquatics)
  • Matthew Rudawski (Aquatics)

Fall 2020 Rising Star Award

  • Mildred Mullings (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Sagar Singal (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Shawkia Arrington (Member Services)


Spring 2020 Recreation Departmental Award Winners               

  • Instructional Excellence Award – Lilly Park
  • Leadership Award – Andie Ackerman
  • Leadership Award – Catrina Casale
  • Leadership Award – Dan Fraley
  • Leadership Award – Priscilla Santana
  • Wellness Award – Moira McGevna

Fall 2020 Team Rec Impact Award

  • Moustafa Ibrahim (Aquatics)
  • Rachel Henry (Member Services)

Fall 2020 Do What Moves U Award

  • Kate Jones (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Shivani Kommireddi (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Jess Michal (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Macey Jordon (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Telema Briggs (Fitness & Wellness)
  • Candace Longoria (Fitness & Wellness)



Abualhuda, Husein Member Services Exercise Science
Ackerman, Andie Fitness Applied Kinesiology and Psychology
Adiabu, Keli Facilities Information Technology and Informatics
Amarante, Lizcary Member Services Public Health
Anderson, Alexandra Aquatics Environmental Science
Anderson, Samantha Member Services Nursing
Arora, Himanshu Fitness Assistant Biotechnology
Baez, Jose Fitness Finance
Barbosa, Gabriel Member Services Exercise Science
Barbosa, Gabriel Member Services Exercise Science
Bekirefendi, Binnaz IM Sports Supply Chain
Beltran, Ned Facilities/Member Services Exercise Science
Ber, Eva Fitness Business Analytics/IT
Berkowitz, Benjamin Aquatics Information Technology & Informatics
Bertotto, Francesca Aquatics Labor Studies
Bharadia, Anusha Fitness Instructor Cognitive Neuroscience
Bielat, Rose Fitness Nutritional Sciences-Dietetics
Bochnak, Cathy Member Services Finance
Cabrera, Emy Equipment Tech Biological Sciences
Casale, Catrina Aquatics Economics
Cervera, Angela Member Services Health Administration
Chambliss, LoriAnn Member Services  Majors in Criminal Justice and Africana Studies
Chen, Kathy Fitness Information Technology
Chuang, Jonathan Marketing Environmental and Business Economics
Conrad, Hailey Adventure Rec Marine Science
Crockett, Tonai Fitness Psychology
Davis, Daniel IM Sports Psychology and Sport Management
De La Garza Noble, Laura Fitness classes Dance
DeShields, Jasper Personal Training Exercise Science
DeSouza, Kara Marketing Journalism and Media Studies
Docherty, Thomas Aquatics Exercise Science
Dunn, Lydia Sport Clubs Exercise Science
Fam, Peter  Fitness   Exercise Science
Figueroa, JanCarlo Aquatics Supply Chain Management
Fleischman, Alison Aquatics Exercise Science
Freeman, Danielle IM Sports biomedical engineering
Froelich, Christina Facilities Public Policy
Gagliardi, Madelyn Member Services Nursing
Galas, Angie Fitness Marketing
Geldreich, Andrew Fitness Sports Management
Goldberg, Noah Fitness Finance
Gomez, Juleisy Member Services Psychology
Henry, Rachel Fitness  Economics, French minor
Herman, Thomas Facilities Exercise Science
Hjelle, Eline IM Sports Sociology
Hommel, Kiley Fitness Pyschology
Jogani, Nimit Business Department Accounting & Marketing
Johnson, Tori Instructor Dance
Kahyaoglu, Evrim Member Services Marketing, International & Global Studies
Kapr, Emily Adventure Rec Physics
Kaufman, Cole Aquatics Communications
Korabelnikov, Becca Fitness Nursing
Krimer, Alice Aquatics Animal Science
Kuziemski, Piotr Member Services  Political Science (Labor studies)
LaBarge, Mark IM Sports Environmental Science
Laurence, Melissa Fitness Psychology
Leanza, Jenna Fitness Political Science
Leonardo, Jena Fitness Masters in Elementary Education
LoBrace, Cristina Fitness Communications
Long, Alexa Member Services Criminal Justice
Lopez, Nicole Facilities Political Science major, Economics minor
Louie, Jonathan Recreation Marketing Marketing
Macalintal, Grant Personal Training Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology
Macrone, Trainor Fitness Psychology
McGevna, Moira Fitness Exercise Science
Mitschke, Maddy Fitness Dance
Morante, Paulo Member Services Exercise Science & Psychology
Myers, Deanna Fitness Psychology
Ng, Rebecca Personal Training Exercise Science
Orengo, Jasper Member Services Assistant Human Resource Management
Oualim, Kenza Aquatics Marine Science
Paez, Luis Member Services Political Science
Park, Mingi (Lilly) Fitness Pharmacy
Patel, Anisha Wellness Services Public Health
Patel, Sanjna Adventure Rec Molecular Biology and Biochem
Patel, Shivane Fitness Biological Sciences and Psychology
Patel,Priti+D:D Fitness Assistant Biological Sciences
Pavlovic, Irena Aquatics Public Health
Pineda, Jenylee Member Services Environmental Science
Porras, Kain Aquatics Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
Ramirez, Josue Fitness Kinesiology
Rao, Esha Adventure Rec Astrophysics and Professional Physics
Rivero, María Fitness College Student Affairs master’s program
Romano, Anna Fitness Sport Management
Sanabria, Orlando Fitness Exercise Science
Sanchez-Ruiz, Michael Member Services Political Science and Labor Studies
Santana, Priscilla Exercise Is Medicine- On Campus Coaching Exercise Science
Santiago, David Member Services Electrical & Computer Engineering
Saponara, Nadia Adventure Rec Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior
Schwartz, Michaela Aquatics Exercise Science
Segerholm, Danielle Fitness Business Analytics Information Technology
Shah, Neeshil IM Sports Finance and Accounting
Sherman, Rachel Fitness Criminal Justice
Smith, Chauncey Member Services Exercise Science
Solarz, Mat Fitness History and Political Science
Speight, Ariana Fitness Dance
Stewart, Elaina Fitness Dance
Straub, Rachel Fitness Economics & Cognitive Science
Tallam, Hima Fitness Biomedical Engineering
Vitureira, Emma Adventure Rec Political Science and Women and Gender studies
von Briesen, Noura Fitness Masters in City and Regional Planning
Waina, Matt Fitness/Member Services Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
Yakum, Simon IM Sports Exercise Science
Yang Fitness Economics
Yard, Michael Intramural Sports Biomedical Engineering
Yucel, Omer Member Services Civil and Environmental Engineering
Zimmerman, Jaclyn Fitness Nursing
Zuniga, Brian Fitness Exercise Science

Staff Communication regarding upcoming Trainings, Workshops and relevant opportunities are shared via the Student Employee Sakai Page Portal (net id required).

Please refer to your project sites and TeamRec.  If you have trouble accessing the page, please contact Paul Fischbach, 848-445-0466.

Rutgers Recreation is fortunate to have numerous alumni willing to invest back into the program that helped them develop during their time on the banks!  Alumni lead workshops, participate in our special events and serve as mentors to our current student employees.  If you are an alumnus of our program and would like to give back to TeamRec please contact Paul Fischbach, 848-445-0466 for more information.