Top Five Running Routes at Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus:

Date:  June 7, 2017
Contributor:  Bethann Wittig


Run with us! Try the Fitness and Wellness Class: Running for Fitness

Running for Fitness is part of the Fitness & Wellness class schedule and is free for all students!

Run with RUREC this summer every Monday at 4:30pm at Werblin Rec Center! This outdoor running class is designed to use running as a way to build strength and fitness by introducing variations of running workouts led by certified running coaches and personal trainers.  Can’t attend? Try one of these routes on campus.


UniversityPark2 2


  1. University Park Fields Dirt Track- Busch Campus – 0.6 mile loop.


  1. Rutgers Ecological Preserve– Livingston Campus- Several nature trails ranging from 0.3 to 2.8 miles in length.EcoPreserve


  1. Buccleuch Park– Easy walk from College Avenue Campus- 1.3 mile dirt path around parkBucchelech



4.  Big Chill 5K Route- College Avenue Campus- practice for the annual RUREC 5K all year round with our 3 mile route around college avenue


5.  Johnson Park- Easily accessible from both College Ave and Busch- 2.5 mile road through Johnson Park with pedestrian path.


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